Working with the atypical learner.

Helping Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Tony is heading off for a summer working as a search and rescue ranger intern at Yosemite National Park. He is super excited. He has one more year in college and it is his final intense sequesce to finish off his paramedic certification. My how far he has come! Warm regards!

~Tony's Mom

It's deeply reassuring to know there's an expert in our corner who can identify challenges, anticipate issues before they arise, and help navigate the road ahead for us.  
We feel so grateful that we found Dr. Sprouse when our son is still so young so we may benefit from her expertise and guidance as he grows older.  We cannot recommend Dr. Sprouse and the NDC for Children team highly enough!

A grateful parent of a 47, XXY child

Working with Dr. Sprouse and her wonderful team have been transformative for our son and for our family.  We were referred to her by a fellow special needs mom, and our kiddo has been under Dr. Sprouse's guidance since he was 3 years old.  The specialized neurodevelopmental testing has been incredibly beneficial particularly in a school setting, allowing teachers to better assist him when they were previously at a loss as to why he wasn't able to perform typical tasks.  They have been able to tailor their approach per Dr. Sprouse's recommendations and he's thriving now.

Jackson's Mom

As the bright sunshine hits my helmet, I feel a long urge to balance on one wheel. My heart pounds, like it is coming out of my chest. My hands twist to make my bike fly.

As I jump, I feel like everything stops around me. The trees pause, my breath hesitates. I jump and feel invincible. Then, I take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out and land, as the birds are chirping in the background.

And I drift for a stop knowing that God is with me and I have accomplished my goal.

By one of Dr. Sprouse's patients

Once again Stephen is proving that with the right support and help, he can accomplish anything. For the second year, he's won the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence. We are so thrilled and the family wants to thank Dr. Sprouse and her team for all the help thru these years.

~Stephen's Mom

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all of the time you spent with Cade and I in San Francisco. We came to you extremely worried about Dimitri because of insinuations that his teacher has made and after watching his grades and zest for school plummet. Your expertise and all of the information that you imparted to us has given us all a better sense of his future as being bright, a long road but bright, and a sense of calm. You cannot imagine how much of an impact our visit with you had on all three of us! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

~Dimitri's Mom

Hi Dr. Sprouse,
I wanted to share with you the math work that Mason has completed the last few months at his new school. Starting mid-March at a mid-year 4th grade level, as the worksheet on the right shows Mason used multiple colored pens, drawings, scribbles, his writing hard to read in some places and some that his teacher had to write to even get him to finish the work.

On Thursday this last week, Mason’s teacher pulled me aside to show me the Chapter Test here on the left. This shows the 3rd chapter into 6th grade math, done in pencil, no drawings, legible and completed in under the time expected!! Mason’s score was amazing, 15 out of 18 correct! This teacher has been so encouraging, telling Mason how smart he is in math and how quickly he masters concepts!

Thank you for all you’ve done in helping us get this far!!

Mason's Mom

Last night when I was putting Benjamin to bed he mentioned to me that he was having to start a new reading program. I expected a "moan" as I know he was excited that he was finishing up his last program. Instead of the moan, he was very proud to tell me that this new reading program was "advanced". He went on to tell me that he is becoming a good reader. That he remembers when he used to sit and class, look at the paper and not know what to do. That he'd try to look at the paper of the people next to him to figure it out. Now that he is getting smart, people are going to want to look at his paper. He finished by saying he's excited for his life.

 You all know the impact you have on our kids and our families. I just wanted to pass along another incredible success story. After years of anguish, it is amazing to see the transformation Benjamin has experienced in the past few months. We're SO thankful to have you all in our lives.

~Benjamin's Dad

Dr. Sprouse and NDC for Children are an amazing resource for helping families and children to navigate through the diagnosis and find educational pathways for success!

Grateful Parent

Thank you to Dr. Sprouse for your continuous advocacy for our son. You have fought for the treatment of his XXY from the first day we spoke, and continue to be his advocate today. Anytime we run into road blocks with medical teams, medical issues or finances, you always come to our aid. Thank you for all you do to fight for all these kids, and especially the individual impact you have in making our lives better.

Katie J.

Meet the Team


Carole Samango-Sprouse, Ed.D.

Director, Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Center for Children
APIB, BNABS, NDT-trained Neurodevelopmentalist

Dr. Samango-Sprouse is an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the George Washington University and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Human and Molecular Genetics at Florida International University. She is also currently the Director of the Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Center for Children, and the Executive Director and Chief Science Officer of The Focus Foundation.

She received her doctorate from the George Washington University in Washington, DC, and then studied neurobehavioral assessment at the Children's Hospital of Boston with Dr. Heidelise Als, a developmental psychologist and renown Harvard University scholar. Dr. Samango-Sprouse is trained in neuromotor, neurocognitive development, neurobehavioral skills, and oral motor assessment for children with an emphasis on children with neurogenetic disorders. She is trained in Bobath neurodevelopmental training (NDT), and is certified in the assessment of pre-term infant behavior (APIB), the Brazelton Neonatal Assessment Scale (BNABS), and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale -2 (ADOS-2).

Dr. Samango-Sprouse has published more than 90 articles on the neurocognitive capabilities of atypical children, and published numerous chapters on 47,XXY. She has been guest editor of the American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part C in 2013, and will be again in an upcoming issue in 2019. She studies the relationship between the brain and behavior, and its impact on neurodevelopmental performance in children with X and Y chromosome variations and other complex genetic disorders. She writes about the link between phenotypic presentation, brain, and neurodevelopmental outcome, which is detailed in her book X & Y Chromosomal Variations: Hormones, Brain Development, and Neurodevelopmental Performance. Published in 2017, this book is used in more than 150 medical schools all over the country, educating the medical specialists of the future on X and Y chromosome variations.

Carrie Bedard, Program Coordinator