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As the bright sunshine hits my helmet, I feel a long urge to balance on one wheel. My heart pounds, like it is coming out of my chest. My hands twist to make my bike fly.

As I jump, I feel like everything stops around me. The trees pause, my breath hesitates. I jump and feel invincible. Then, I take a deep breath in and take a deep breath out and land, as the birds are chirping in the background.

And I drift for a stop knowing that God is with me and I have accomplished my goal.

From one of our Kiddos

Tony is heading off for a summer working as a search and rescue ranger intern at Yosemite National Park. He is super excited. He has one more year in college and it is his final intense sequesce to finish off his paramedic certification. My how far he has come! Warm regards!

~Tony's Mom

Once again Stephen is proving that with the right support and help, he can accomplish anything. For the second year, he's won the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence. We are so thrilled and the family wants to thank Dr. Sprouse and her team for all the help thru these years.

~Stephen's Mom

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all of the time you spent with Cade and I in San Francisco. We came to you extremely worried about Dimitri because of insinuations that his teacher has made and after watching his grades and zest for school plummet. Your expertise and all of the information that you imparted to us has given us all a better sense of his future as being bright, a long road but bright, and a sense of calm. You cannot imagine how much of an impact our visit with you had on all three of us! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

~Dimitri's Mom

Hi Dr. Sprouse,
I wanted to share with you the math work that Mason has completed the last few months at his new school. Starting mid-March at a mid-year 4th grade level, as the worksheet on the right shows Mason used multiple colored pens, drawings, scribbles, his writing hard to read in some places and some that his teacher had to write to even get him to finish the work.

On Thursday this last week, Mason’s teacher pulled me aside to show me the Chapter Test here on the left. This shows the 3rd chapter into 6th grade math, done in pencil, no drawings, legible and completed in under the time expected!! Mason’s score was amazing, 15 out of 18 correct! This teacher has been so encouraging, telling Mason how smart he is in math and how quickly he masters concepts!

Thank you for all you’ve done in helping us get this far!!

Mason's Mom

Last night when I was putting Benjamin to bed he mentioned to me that he was having to start a new reading program. I expected a "moan" as I know he was excited that he was finishing up his last program. Instead of the moan, he was very proud to tell me that this new reading program was "advanced". He went on to tell me that he is becoming a good reader. That he remembers when he used to sit and class, look at the paper and not know what to do. That he'd try to look at the paper of the people next to him to figure it out. Now that he is getting smart, people are going to want to look at his paper. He finished by saying he's excited for his life.

 You all know the impact you have on our kids and our families. I just wanted to pass along another incredible success story. After years of anguish, it is amazing to see the transformation Benjamin has experienced in the past few months. We're SO thankful to have you all in our lives.

~Benjamin's Dad

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